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Peter Otto and Co Solicitors, Case Studies

Case Studies

See what we have achieved for some of our clients.

Family Matter.

“We acted for a lady in overturning a consent order entered in 2012 because the ex-husband did not reveal all his assets when the original consent order was entered into. It is very difficult to set aside a consent order entered into by the parties with the assistance of a lawyer.

In this case, we succeed in setting it aside after four years because of the conduct of the ex-husband in hiding his assets in fictitious names and failure to cooperate. The wife was awarded a cost of £193,000. She was also awarded £768,000 from the discovered assets”.

Property Issue.

“We acted for an Indian businessman who bought properties in the names of his sisters and niece on trust when there was unity in the family. As a result of a family feud in 2014 the sisters and niece, decided to keep the properties in their names and the rental incomes from the properties.

We acted for our client based on the evidence of conduct of the parties, financial contributions and forensic audit of bank statement.

On the 23rd July 2019, our client was given back all his five properties and the rental income collected and the sisters and niece paid our costs.

If you have a similar dispute, please contact Peter Otto & Co Solicitors for consultation. We are here to help you recover what is rightfully yours”.

Divorce Settlement.

In 2018, we acted for an Indian lady in her getting over half a million pounds as part of her divorce settlement”.

Property Issue.

“In 2016, we acted for a market street trader who signed an option agreement with some dubious property dealer. The deal was for the property to be taken over by the dealer with option to buy in the future for a fixed price and only pay our client £12,000 payable by two instalments five years apart.

We contested the option agreement on our client’s behalf and set it aside for breaching section 2 of the law of property Miscellaneous provision Act 1925. Our client is a very happy man as he got back his property.

If you have a similar problem, you can consult our office for a road map to recovering your property”.

Property Issue.

“In 2017, we acted for a Nigerian doctor who bought a property jointly with his

Ex-girlfriend. He lived at the property and thereafter rented it. The mortgage was in their joint names, but he paid the mortgage from his salary and occasionally from the rental income.

The ex-girlfriend never lived in the property or contributed to the deposit payment, neither did she played any part in renovation of the property. The client worked aboard and when he returned and wanted to sell the property, the ex-girlfriend claimed 50% of the equity.

We represented the client and successfully got him his property by mutual settlement. He acquiesced to the pleading of the defendant’s friends and had mercy on her and gave her only 10% of the value of the property. The defendant paid our costs”.