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Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law

While borrowers and lenders see financing from differing perspectives, your solicitor needs to see each arrangement from both positions, and in light of the regulatory framework governing the financial and capital markets at home and abroad.

Therefore, protecting your interests legally and helping you minimise your exposure to risk needs thorough consideration, alongside meticulous attention to detail.

You might be buying or selling an asset, such as a business or property. You might be making an investment that needs strict and complex terms. Whichever sector or industry you’re in, it’s our business to help you identify the best terms to help you achieve your objectives. And because of our experience, we have the skills necessary to do just that.

With specific experience of working in banking, Peter Otto and Co Solicitors of Peckham and Camberwell are ideally placed to advise you on a wide range of banking and finance cases, from property or development finance to secured and unsecured credit, or from trade and asset finance to insolvency. We’ll explain the implications of your contract with your bank so that you’re completely clear about your legal position. And if ever that relationship is breached, we’ll help you seek redress.

So contact Peter Otto and Co to avoid taking unnecessary risk with your banking and finance position: simply telephone or e-mail us today for confidential advice.

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