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Family and Divorce Advice

Family Law

Family and Divorce Advice

If you’re going through a divorce or relationship breakdown, you’ll want clear guidance and the top family law advice available. Peter Otto and Co of Peckham and Camberwell can help you decide what’s best – personally, legally and financially – for you and your family.

Family law involves critical judgements about your future, your children, your finances and your business. Advice on divorce involves highly technical aspects of litigation, often across different areas of expertise or international boundaries.

Our experienced team of family and divorce solicitors, recognised as one of the best in South East London, can help you through the process calmly and cost-effectively. As most couples are worried about legal fees at this already stressful time, we can offer fixed fees.

With good legal advice, clients can achieve a lot by themselves. We support that. In fact, we empower our clients wherever possible – equipping you to carry on your own discussions with confidence, to structure your own financial settlements, and to come to arrangements about your children with minimum conflict.

Because most couples want to avoid going to court, we offer family mediation, collaborative law and family arbitration. If court is unavoidable, we have the strength and depth to handle even the largest, most complex cases.

To date, we have a 100% success rate in family cases, spread over eight years, making enormous difference to many families’ wellbeing and lives after break up.

Fractured and broken relationships are painful enough as it is. So to help you avoid additional loss and suffering, telephone or e-mail us today for confidential advice.

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  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Divorce and separation
  • Matrimonial finance
  • Cohabitation between unmarried partners
  • Cases involving children where one party is seeking an order for contact, residence, prohibited steps or a specific issues order
  • Ancillary relief
  • Domestic violence and its related issues.