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Debt recovery

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery

If you’re struggling to reclaim money you’re owed – personal or commercial – you’ll want to know as soon as possible what the
chances are of recovering your debt.

Peter Otto and Co Solicitors of Peckham and Camberwell are experts in this form of civil litigation, so we can tell you everything you need to know. If you have a case, we’ll be happy to defend you. And we’ll act sensitively and professionally to protect your reputation.

We’ll let you know how much you’ll can expect to pay – right from the outset – so you’ll know exactly how best to proceed, based on your existing circumstances. Plus, depending on the case, we can even consider flexible payment terms, dependent on the outcome.

Whether you just need a letter from a solicitor, mediation, litigation or bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings enforced, our legal skills and experience can guide you through each step of the process.

So don’t waste any more of your valuable time and resources on bad debt: call or e-mail us whenever you want to reclaim what’s rightfully yours, and our debt management team at Peter Otto and Co Solicitors will lend you our considerable weight of experience.

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  • Effective tried and tested debt recovery tactics
  • Advice minimising the risk of bad debt before it occurs
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency services
  • Mortgage repossessions
  • Outstanding invoice payments.