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About Us

The law is enacted to protect your fundamental rights. Legal professionals exist because UK laws are both enormously complex and
elaborate. So unless people have an intermediary, seeking justice is a colossal barrier to climb.

But clearly, not any intermediary will do. Not only does your legal representative have to have a thorough grasp of the law, they also
have to be able to represent your best interests, too.

Our clients retain Peter Otto and Co Solicitors, Peckham and Camberwell because we not only know the law extremely well, we also give it a human face. We help
our clients navigate the intricacies and complexities of the legal system, and we do it in ways that satisfy their need for an agent that is
considerate and accessible.

By keeping our clients fully informed of their case at every stage, we help reduce anxiety and stress. Costs are clearly outlined from the
outset and our payment terms are flexible, depending on the case itself. And whenever clients need to speak to us, they can do so
without fear of their bill climbing by the minute, as reasonable allowances for clarifying queries and ongoing discussions will have been
considered from the outset and priced fairly.

Clients are then given a roadmap of their case, broken down into smaller units, so that can keep up with key milestones and feel fully
prepared and involved as their case progresses.

So whenever you prefer to work with lawyers that empower you to fight your case and won’t keep you in the dark, call Peter Otto and
Co Solicitors. After an initial chat, we’ll book an appointment, in which we’ll soon tell you how best to fight your case.

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