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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Your legal dispute may not involve criminal sanctions; you might need financial redress or some other action the other party is compelled to comply with. This type of legal dispute is referred to as civil litigation.

Our litigation and dispute resolution team is recognised for providing viable solutions to the disputes and problems faced by our clients. We aim to help you to achieve such solutions most cost-effectively.

When facing significant and potentially critical problems, in your business or your personal affairs, the key to successful dispute resolution involves accurately assessing the merits of your position, then implementing an effective strategy based on a realistic budget, delivered by expert commercial litigation lawyers.

This is how we ensure we’ll always give you the litigation advice you really need. You’ll always have senior solicitor input whenever necessary. But generally, all our advice is delivered by the appropriate level of dispute resolution lawyer, backed by our innovative legal services team carrying out routine tasks to keep your costs down, supported by our bespoke and cutting-edge case management and budgeting software.

We can also provide, whenever suitable, an early assessment using our innovative commercial-case assessment tool and real-time financial information. Plus, one-off guidance consultations are available, too.

Litigation can be expensive, so we strive to guide parties towards other means of resolution (for example, mediation or arbitration). If that isn’t possible, we’ll protect your interests through court proceedings.

So call or e-mail us whenever you want to make or defend a claim, Peter Otto and Co Solicitors can help bring a range of civil disputes to the best resolution possible.

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At Peter Otto and Co Solicitors, Peckham and Camberwell, we have a wealth of experience in resolving all sorts of disputes for businesses and commercial clients, whether court proceedings are involved.

  • Building disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Contract disputes
  •  Debt recovery
  • Housing disputes – law
  • Business disputes
  • Injunctions.