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Expert legal advice in South East London

If you’re unfamiliar with the legal process, facing it can feel alarming and nerve-wracking. Many of our clients approach us upset and anxious because they’re not sure what they’re about to face. Some are frightened of missing vital details that will cause them to lose
their case when they should otherwise have won. Others are nervous about going through such a stressful and potentially costly experience without redeeming it with a win, while still more are worried about not getting the justice they deserve.

As our clients present us with their legal challenges, Peter Otto and Co Solicitors, Peckham and Camberwell ensure that these very real concerns are met with empathy and understanding.

From property interest disputes – commercial or residential – to family or banking law, our professional team of qualified lawyers ensure our clients experience tangible levels of reassurance throughout their case, supported by our decades of legal expertise.

We’re here to work with you, using our innovative and concise approach to help you resolve complex legal problems.

This is why we have been accredited the Lexcel legal practice quality mark by the Law Society, recognising our excellence in legal practice and client care.

So don’t settle for feeling overwhelmed and powerless by your case. Peter Otto and Co Solicitors exist to give you the insight and time you need to calmly and confidently face the legal system.

The charter of the firm is as follows:

  1. We will provide excellent customer service
  2. We will be open and transparent
  3. We will demonstrate value for money
  4. We will be easy to deal with.

How Peter Otto and Co Solicitors serve our clients

Immigration Peter Otto Solicitors


Asylum, nationality and immigration matters. Find out more.

Civil Litigation Peter Otto Solicitors

Civil litigation

Specialising in all commercial and property disputes. Find out more.

Conveyancing Peter Otto Solicitors


Residential and commercial property issues, plus landlord and tenancy issues. Find out more.

Family Law Peter Otto Solicitors

Family law

Divorce, matrimonial financial disputes, child custody cases, and mediation. Find out more.

Peter Otto and Co Solicitors are regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA No. 466584. The firm is also registered with the information commissioner. Peter Otto and Co Solicitors are on the Exempt Professional Register. VAT registration No. 943 316 529


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